come meet the team

Our business wouldn't be what it is today without a great team. All our guides have a can do attitude and personality to burn. They love taking people out and showing them the Abel Tasman, and they all do it with a smile and  laugh along the way.



Nicknamed Ssshhh here she comes Like a greatly decorated military leader Kristin organizes us throughout the day with precision. It’s most likely to be Kristin that answers your emails or telephone calls. She does seem a little bossy always telling us what to do, but the days at Kahu do seem to run a whole lot smoother when she is here.



Brent, or Boysie as he is more commonly known, has been doing this whole kayak thing for what seems like forever.  When he is not out on the water he is searching the land with his trusty grizzle hound.  One of the most excitable people you will ever meet.

sam i am


That Sam I am, that Sam I am, we do quite like our Sam I am. If she would take you in a boat, were pretty sure that boat would float. If she would take you in the bay, we know you’d have a real sweet day. That Sam I am, that Sam I am, we know you’ll like our Sam I am.

mr cricket


Brad has been with us for a couple of summers now and is probably our most teased
member of staff. He would normally be the man picking you up in the bus if you
were taking our transport option, but not on a Saturday, no way that is set
aside for his beloved cricket. He calls it his special time.

john boy


John Boy has been around for a long time, He’s one of those sorts that can do pretty much anything. He knows his way round a kayak, the tractors and lucky the National Park. He’s not one to spend too much time on the Internet so we can pretty much write what we want.



A born and bred kiwi, with just a hint of some French infusion, Rene has a passion for both fitness and the outdoors. When he’s not out kayaking the Tasman Rene works as a gym instructor, Let’s all cross our fingers he doesn’t get the 2 confused and turn your holiday into a work out.

joe average


Johanna is a popular part of the team, I think its because on the days when Jo’s working around the base she quite often whips up a batch of her now famous cheese and onion scones (yum yum yummy).
Johanna has many other good points too but the scones are our favorite.



A few years ago people looking for Stephen would be directed to the pie warmer at Kaiteriteri Store. Having turned over a new leaf of fitness, he can now be found teaching people how to kayak and how to see the Abel Tasman from places other than the pie warmer. Stephen has sent out more people than most into the park and they have all come back.



Gazzmatron as we like to call him has done a lot of kayaking in a few different places, he has an eye for spotting wildlife out on his tours. He is a great family man with a wife, a child and another one on the way. I have never meet anyone who consumes more energy drinks I can see why Gazza is just go go go all the time.



Keiran is a local boy raised here in the very exciting town of Motueka, now he’s showing people around his old stomping ground.  He did go away for a while, got himself one of those big city educations you see in the movies, but with the world at his feet he chose to come back here.  Must be
a pretty special place A.



Marc joined the crew last year when we were stretched for staff and really desperate, turns out we got ourselves a winner.  His
driving skills are lacking so we never let him drive any of our vehicles, but when it comes to keeping people entertained Marc gets top marks.  In fact, his profile photo was from a recent unsuccessful audition for the Zoolander movie franchise

mr fixit


Andrew Nickname: Stuntman Andrew or Andy is 'Mr-fix-it' here at Kahu Kayaks. If it’s broken we take it to him to cast his ever vigilant eye over it, then when he’s not looking we whip into town and have it fixed properly. Andy has been kayaking for years, drives the boat and is always quick with a joke. Not a bad team member, really.